Read all conditions before use this Cloud Mining. The conditions can move sometimes so please read often this.

1. Purchase Instructions
The mining contract becomes effective immediately after the payment is confirmed. All purchases are final and non-refundable unless otherwise required by applicable law or specific offer.

It is forbidden to have more than one account on our site

2. Calculate the output
For the calculation of mining revenue, please refer to the planning contract.
3. Equipment maintenance
After the start of the contract, the platform (Ringcold Mining) will carry out daily maintenance of the equipment. The contract price includes the maintenance fee.
4. Output settlement
After the contract starts, mining will start automatically, and the system will settle the income for you every day. You can withdraw your income at any time, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.055BTC.
5. Termination of contract
Automatically terminated upon expiration. Early termination is non-refundable. Thank you for your understanding.
6. Risk warning
(1) Policy risk: Due to the formulation or modification of laws, regulations and normative documents for digital assets in various countries, digital asset transactions may be suspended or banned at any time. You must understand and agree that due to the formulation or modification of national laws, regulations and regulatory documents, the transaction of digital assets is suspended or prohibited, and all economic losses caused by this will be borne by you.
(2) Force majeure risk:
The platform is responsible for information network equipment maintenance, information network connection failures, computer, communication or other system failures, power failures, hacker attacks, weather reasons, accidents, strikes, labor disputes, riots, uprisings, etc. , riots, lack of productivity or means of production, fires, floods, storms, explosions, wars, reasons of banks or other partners, digital asset market collapse, government actions, orders from judicial or administrative agencies, other things beyond the control of this platform or The platform does not assume any responsibility for the failure or delay of service caused by the actions beyond the control of the platform or the reasons of the third party, as well as your losses.

Withdraw conditions :

You can request withdraw as you wish when you got 0.06 BTC on your wallet :

  • Condition 1 : your plan is under 6 months you must pay electricity fees at 3 000 $ (for the year)
  • Condition 2 : your plan is over 6 months no fees added
Withdraw conditions :
You can withdraw at 0.055 BTC (your BTC wallet must be credited minimun 0.055 BTC).
Condition 1 : your plan is under 6 months you should pay electricity fees at $2500 one time.
Condition 2 : your plan is over 6 months no fees added